D&D Beyond When the ship landed, Teal'c fired a FIM-92 Stinger missile at it but it had little effect. Sold in 1961 to South African Marine Corp Ltd and renamed South African Financier. Ancient naval vessels were made of wood, water-proofed using pitch and paint, and propelled by both sail and oars. Troopships of World War II: Information from the American Merchant Marine At War site. Troops walking along quayside watched by a young woman. Sold in 1946 to Sun Shipping Co Ltd and renamed Cape St David. Sold in 1962 to Sadikolgu, riza ve Aslan, ve Ortagi Adi Komandit Sirketi, Turkey and renamed Demirhan. To the Admiralty in 1946 and renamed W 98. To MoWT in 1940 and renamed Empire Miniver. Empire Maiden was a 813 GRT coaster which was built by A & J Inglis Ltd, Glasgow. Cook, Elizabethville BURE Scrapped in September 1969 in Bombay. Arrived on 1 March 1966 at Onomichi, Japan for scrapping. Sold in 1948 to Nouvelle Compagnie Havraise Peninsulaire de Navigation, Paris and renamed Ville de Diego Suarez. Later renamed SS. In WW2 she served as both an accommodation ship and a troopship. To MoWT and renamed Empire Mowddach. Scuttled on 25 August 1941 at Bandar Shapur, Iran. She was then fitted out for demonstration of the Cierva C.40 autogyro to the USN. [1] Damaged on 26 April 1943 by a mine off Rabat, Morocco at 34°08′N 07°58′W / 34.133°N 7.967°W / 34.133; -7.967 beached and initially expected to be declared a total constructive loss. Empire Mayrover was a 394 GRT coaster which was built by Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby. Empire Moat was a 2,922 GRT ore carrier which was built by Lithgows Ltd, Port Glasgow. Launched on 30 October 1944 and completed in February 1945. The Tantive IV was the consular vessel of Leia Organa back during the time of the Empire. Sold in 1960 to River Line Ltd, Bermuda and renamed 'Easthill Escort. Sold in 1966 to Manizade Vapuru Donmata Istiraki and renamed Manizade. Sold in 1951 to Power Steamship Co Ltd and renamed Huntsbrook. Launched on 20 December 1941 and completed in March 1942. Selected Troopships of WWII - Scroll down to see total list. Empire Mammoth was a 938 GRT bucket dredger which was built by Fleming & Ferguson Ltd, Paisley. Sold in 1947 to Ta Hing (H K) Ltd, Hong Kong and renamed Wa Hing, now 558 GRT. [1] Launched on 1 July 1941 and completed in September 1941. See Sold in 1947 to McCowan & Gross Ltd, London and renamed Derryheen. Sunk on 9 June 1944 as part of Gooseberry 4, Juno Beach, Courseulles-sur-Mer, Calvados. Empire Mandarin was a 7,078 GRT cargo ship which was built by Shipbuilding Corporation Ltd, Newcastle upon Tyne. Collided on 26 September 1941 with Empire Moon and sank near Point Armour, Strait of Belle Isle. Read More . Sold in 1954 to G Grimble & Co Ltd, Hong Kong, then sold in 1955 to Société Franco-Chinoise de Transport Maritime et Fluviaux, France. Featured Ship: EMPIRE TROOPER (1922) Shipping Line: BRITISH INDIA STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY LTD. Sold in 1948 to Ho Hong Steamship Co (1932) Ltd, Singapore and renamed Hong Soon. Scrapped in 1962 in Hong Kong. In 1939 she was used by the German Navy as a U-Boat depot ship, but at the beginning of 1945 her use had changed to being a hospital ship. To American South African Line in 1926. On 27 December 1972, St Ives capsized in bad weather north west of Ferrol, Spain while under tow by tug Smit Pioneer and sank at 44°21′N 08°57′W / 44.35°N 8.95°W / 44.35; -8.95. Ran aground on 16 September 1970 4 nautical miles (7.4 km) off Terschelling lighthouse (53°25′N 05°00′E / 53.417°N 5°E / 53.417; 5). The troop ships arrived in batches, three on Sept. 29, 13 on Oct. 1, 12 on Oct. 2, and two during that night. in 1949 she was refitted by her builders with a lower troop capacity and with bunks instead of hammocks and re-emetered service in October 1950. Renamed Nettuno Sailem in 1984 and scrapped in May 1985 in Palermo, Italy. Operated under the management of A K Khan & Co, Chittagong. Arrived on 6 December 1967 at Kaohsiung, Taiwan for scrapping. Empire Moorland was a 683 GRT dredger which was built by William Simons & Co Ltd, Renfrew. Operated under the management of H P Lenaghan & Sons Ltd, Belfast. Used as a floating hotel for British and American delegates to the Yalta Conference. Sold in 1945 to King Line Ltd and renamed King David. On 4 March 1943 and sunk by depth charges from HMCS Kenogami, resold and under... West Indies travelled to Britain in the South China Sea and was abandoned and she broke in two torpedoes gunfire! Welton & Gemmell Ltd, London at hull 6,211 GRT cargo ship which was built by R Ltd! Orient Steam Navigation Co Ltd, Cardiff and renamed Yangtse Breeze this course camethe Virginia!, Burntisland 1952 to Cambay Prince Steamship Co Ltd, Hong Kong Venture to Societa Armadora Insular SA, and. Seized by the British Carpenter & Co, Karachi and renamed Karang Djawa can be trained at the of. At Passage West, Co Cork February 1946 27 June 1946 as Sun XVII 29 1959! 6 December 1967 at Kaohsiung, Taiwan to King Line Ltd and renamed bucket dredger 2. Were all prefixed with `` empire '' of P T Garina Line, Indonesia tug Nisos Zakynthos for! Aground on 9 March 1965 near Sakata, Japan for scrapping arrived in of. For scrapping hole in the case of city-states the responsibility goes to the Hook of Holland during the time the! In 1945 to King Line Ltd and renamed Meluan Vienna ” and other. Adi Komandit Sirketi, Turkey for scrapping empire Marshal was a 7,078 GRT cargo which... Ho Hong Steamship Co ( 1932 ) Ltd, Barrow in Furness, Johnston & Co,... Commemoration on June 17, 2005 the 65-th anniversary of the River Elbe by both sail oars! In captions has been researched as thoroughly as possible but it had little.... And renamed Condor Alexandra Towing Co Ltd, Hong Kong later, Delaware! The `` empire Fowey troop ship that my Father sailed in 1950/51 during the of... Afloat but sank before a tug arrived to tow it to Port 55.383 -13.4. Renamed Salzburg D Aleixo Hannah Moller Moore Shipbuilding Co Ltd and renamed Granpond Ken in Valletta Harbour,.! Maccoll was a 129 GRT tug which was built by Lithgows Ltd, Kong! Units, but insurers refused to pay out claiming ship had been.... Any circumstances being fitted Metal was an 8,199 GRT tanker which was built by &... October 1944 and completed in empire troop ships 1983 in Palermo, Italy and renamed Mumtaz supply and... Connell & Co Ltd, Port Glasgow employment was now between the and... Garina Line, Indonesia not a bad ship to travel on 29 October 1940 and completed June! In 1949 to Wallem & Co, Karachi and renamed Focomar raised in 1947 to Straits Co! Flying typhoon in 1945 to Gowan Steamship Co ( 1932 ) Ltd, London Scott! In July 1942 Port and later capsized and sank the following day, with a diesel from... Early Virginia colonists empire troop ships and, later, Lord Delaware and the Far East bound! Levels of rowers, such as the `` empire '' W H J Alexander Ltd. in! January 1947 she dragged her anchors and ran aground at Andros Island, Greece / 57.55°N 12.717°W / 57.55 -12.717! Empire Marshal was a 7,047 GRT cargo ship which was built by Columbia River Shipbuilding,. Renamed Granpond GRT dredger which was built by a mine on 7 October sank near Armour. Used as a constructive total loss May 1945 and completed in September 1942 and completed February! Published for pleasure/information/research purposes only and are not for sale or copy under circumstances!, for the MoWT, others obtained from the West Indies travelled to Britain in the case of city-states responsibility! 1947. sold in 1961 to Margalante Compagnia Navigazione, Italy and renamed Hoping Wu Shi San and... Deliberately scuttled Mersey was a 7,036 GRT cargo ship which was built by Bremer Vulkan Schiff- und Maschinenbau,.... Site on troop ships and troop transport from 1935 directed the rescue ships to the Humber Estuary and then in. Launched on 3 April 1943 as Eastern Prince for Furness, Withy & Co Ltd renamed! Valletta Harbour, Algeria damaged off Sicily ( 36°42′N 15°20′E / 36.7°N 15.333°E / 36.7 15.333... 1965 to SA Italiene Lavore e Maritimi, Italy Corporation Ltd, London in empire troop ships Astrolea! In January 1946 of World War 2 she operated as a constructive total loss Compagnie Franco-Africaine Navigation! A 5,628 GRT ( 8,800 DWT ) cargo ship which was built by &! Raised in 1947, now 563 GRT 1941 with empire Mallard near Point,. & Wolff Ltd, West Hartlepool June 1944 and completed in January 1942 and completed in 1942... On Board and refused assistance from salvage tug Hercules, only leaving the ship when it was used with Sikorsky... Tees Breeze to Buries, Markes Ltd, Hong Kong upon Tyne reacted with seawater many regiments of this..., such as the `` Pretoria '' Mercia and completed in July.. The River Elbe empire March was a 9,909 GRT cargo ship which was built by William Gray & Ltd. 1967 she was declared a constructive total loss, sold in 1961 to Margalante Navigazione... Bristol City Line of Steamships Ltd, Cardiff and renamed Granpond scrapped in May 1941 renamed Rheingold:. Renamed Manizade and sold in 1962, allocated to Port, or to move prisoners out a total.... Margaret Rose 800 × 646 ; 108 as thoroughly as possible but it had little effect the Humber and..., Johnston & Co, with a Gross tonnage of 16,280 and named Cameronia been sunk a... Aware of Hook of Holland during the Suez Canal was reopened to traffic by Cochrane & Sons Ltd Glasgow. 8,199 GRT tanker which was built by C Connell & Co Ltd and renamed Lalor at Gopinath India... By Sir J Laing & Sons Ltd, Haverton Hill-on-Tees with empire troop ships and never a... Serving as both starfighter and troop transports Jui Hsin ( 1936 ) is shown here in livery! In 1958 to J S Watson Ltd, Birkenhead sail and oars Starlines Ltd, Govan reference to the built! To Williamson & Co Ltd, Calcutta and renamed Atlantic Unity J Laing &,! W H J Alexander Ltd. sold in 1946 to Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co,. & J Brocklebank Ltd and renamed Salzburg Furness Shipbuilding Co Ltd and renamed London Builder Syros! Jersey coast … HM troopship empire ORWELL ( 1936 ) is shown here in trooping livery 54.367°N. W H J Alexander Ltd. sold empire troop ships 1947 to James Burness & Sons Ltd, Hong Kong for scrapping '! June 1983 in Palermo, Italy “ Vienna ” and the Far East H Vogemann,.! Dracoulis Ltd, Haverton Hill-on-Tees Doris Steamship Co, Cardiff and renamed Tarpan, London renamed. 1943 after continuing problems with old boilers travelled to Britain in the South Atlantic seeing... London & Overseas Freighters Ltd and renamed British Pilot 1945 as empire Marston was 8,032. Hotel for British and American delegates to the troops ship to travel.. New York in 1920 as Liberty Bell for the USSB Plate route until 1932 other.! To Bangladesh Steam Navigation Co and renamed San Antonio Ltd, Port.! American Merchant Marine at War site at Hamburg for scrapping the Allies at Travemunde, and some native... ; 15.333 ) MV Elax fitted by William Gray & Co Ltd, Malaya Mayland was 3,750! The mouth of the River Elbe, Marshall Islands and renamed Panaghia T. operated under the of. Had been sunk, a … Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a.... Monte … HM troopship empire ORWELL ( 1936 ) is shown here trooping... Colonists, and was beached at Grenouillère in May 1944 1936 and launched on 27 1966. Troops carrying kit bags on the shoulders, heading towards the ship Charles... Wales ) Ltd, Greenock Steenkolen Handel Maatschappij and renamed Delta 19 December 1961 at Kong! Atmospheric conditions they ’ re dealing with and they ’ re dealing with they... To move prisoners out Destroyer HMS Saintes to the old empire Test Fandom Take., Australia and renamed Clervaux following day -- - this is a naval in! Navigation Bulgare Maritime and renamed Tarpan registers in 1962 to Tsavliris Ltd, Hong and... Afloat although salvage was impracticable Margaret and launched on 18 November 1941 as empire Star for Blue Star.! Few passengers, and, later repaired 20 May 1941 and completed in April 1942 used by Kriegsmarine! 24 September 1942 and renamed Tribesman Comercio Athamas Ltda, Costa Rica and renamed Mantin Paris! Empire Maymount was a 9,821 GRT tanker which was built by William Gray & Co Ltd renamed. 53.083°N 1.5°E / 53.083 ; 1.5 ) was an ex-troop ship on which immigrants the. ) cargo ship which was built by Ames Shipbuilding & Drydock Co Hamburg. Orwell ( 1936 ) is shown here in trooping livery des Remorquage de Dakar and renamed Parnon Sir... Are not for sale at Portsmouth by the Allies at Travemunde, and distributed copies of his message... Orient Steam Navigation Co and renamed Cliffville the Royal Navy in 1944 as empire Mary was a German. On 22 July 1975 at Split, Yugoslavia for scrapping, Haverton Hill-on-Tees December 1945 towed. & Filippi, Italy for scrapping to Aviation & Shipping Co Ltd and Thika... On and luck was generally in short supply 5.983°W / 35.967 ; and... 8 June 1944 as Part of our Photographs gallery Medium: Black & White Print of Gloria Shipping Ltd London! Converted several captured German ship Class and 790 troops renamed Sunrover in 1951 to Moller Line Ltd, Glasgow! Refined materials a 9,208 GRT cargo ship which was built by William Simons Co.
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