Makoto is unsure if it would be safe and Mondo stated Makoto could ride with him on his motorcycle, showing that he trusts Makoto and sees him as a close friend. Fortunately, he arrived home rather smoothly - only to be greeted by enthusiastic Komaru, who told him that a letter from Hope's Peak Academy had arrived for him, accepting him as this year's Ultimate Lucky Student. The two watched TV and shared thoughts on manga together. At first, Makoto seems in shock but ends with a determined face through all his tears. On the way up, Kyoko tells Makoto that she remembers parts of her past and who she is. In high school, Sayaka recognized Makoto immediately and befriended him. Additional reasons for his hatred include Makoto's conflicting ideals, and the trouble that Makoto has ultimately caused for Kyosuke. Later, Kyoko tells Makoto that he shouldn't give up on hope, and that she'll always be there for him if his power doesn’t prove to be enough. (to, "I'm nothing at all compared to all you "ultimates. During the Killing School Life, Makoto feels intense hatred for Monokuma, especially after the events of Chapter 1. Kyosuke also states that he'll eliminate despair at all cost, even if the despair itself was someone he dearly loved. She ends up using the Master Key she found in the principal's office and they both make their way back up by climbing a tall ladder. Seeing Sayaka running outside, Makoto follows her and tries to calm the Ultimate Pop Sensation down while promising her that he will protect her life, even at the cost of his own. I don't know what to believe anymore...", "What's the point of having stairs if you're just gonna block 'em off...? Makoto's search for Alter Ego comes to a halt as he hears Celestia's scream, claiming that she was attacked by a suspicious figure known as “Robo Justice”. Get up to 50% off. Throughout the course of the game, he became one of the more prominent investigators and was the one that was usually able to see the truth behind every murder. Prior to his miraculous return with Kyoko, Makoto is reunited with the other students (In the game, the other students still think that Makoto was responsible of killing Mukuro until he and Kyoko convinced them that it was a trap created by Monokuma, who was in fact the true killer; In the anime, however, the other students realized that Makoto was innonent, as well Monokuma being the true killer and breaking his own rules, when Alter Ego saved Makoto from his execution. Later, he went to Dusk High School. After the 3rd Class Trial and Celestia's execution, Makoto asked Kyoko where she disappeared to during their search for their absent friends, Kyoko then tells Makoto that she discovered a secret room in the men's room on the second floor. Sayaka's Death, First False Allegations and the First Class Trial Execution, More Casualties and Distrust are Among Us, The Queen of Liar's Manipulations for Greed, Sakura's Role as a Mole and Her Noble Sacrifice, The 16th Student, Mukuro Ikusaba And Another False Allegation, Miracle Return and Tensed Rivalry with Real Junko Enoshima. … Instead of seeing a ghost however, Makoto and the rest of the students discover an AI programmed by Chihiro called Alter Ego, who was made to resemble its creator. Somehow, I have to find out the truth. The, "Now, face what you've done! Makoto gives Aoi hope after she despairs at the fact that they must start a new round of killing. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Makoto feels willing to fight, but that was all for naught as the bus suddenly accelerated - Makoto had accidentally shifted the gears and stepped on the gas pedal. I know apologizing won't help but...we didn't imagine something like this would happen. DANGANRONPA Naegi Makoto Monokuma Minnano Kuji Costume Plush Doll 15cm Furyu. "All these mysteries make me worried. Courage surges within us because we have hope. During the final class trial, Makoto helped rescue Byakuya from Junko's despair. However, Hajime Hinata knew that "Makoto" was the fake one. However, before anyone had a chance to fathom what was in store, Leon was then dragged off to his punishment by Monokuma. When they heard someone was coming, Aoi and Miaya created a diversion so that Makoto can safely reach the intercom room. He was tired of the streak of misfortune that seemed to follow him at every step and decided to give up and do nothing. $17.99. He looked around and spotted an old man sitting on the bench. In the Otomedia magazine, Makoto is asked who is the first person that comes to his mind when he thinks about autumn. ", "N-No, of course not! Kyoko is the one who tells Makoto that there was more to Sayaka's murder than what everyone had been led to believe. No, not "I'm sure"... We absolutely WILL make it out, no matter what it takes! Read Makoto x Kirigiri from the story Danganronpa Oneshots by thewholerat (dead account) with 1,892 reads. (to, "When she smiled like that, I could feel my entire body filling with power. Read more information about the character Makoto Naegi from Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation? Despite Kiyotaka Ishimaru's pleas which claimed that Ultimate Biker Gang Leader was innocent over the murder, Makoto solidifies the charges by noticing the changed gym rooms and the bloodied dumbbell. At the end of the episode, Makoto regained his confidence back and keep holding his faith to his friends and family. ", "That was how it all began... And how life as I knew it came to an end. ", "I really wanna smash that camera. Miaya insisted on going, saying that maybe she was already affected by Makoto's "hope". The next morning of her absence, Makoto goes looking for her worried about the condition she was in. You don't have to force yourself to talk. Makoto seeks to stop Kyosuke, while Kyosuke seeks to save Makoto. When he went to the medical bay to return it, he bumped into Ryoko Otonashi, who asked him where Yasuke is. Naegi Makoto / Nagito Komaeda【Dangan Ronpa】 Saved by Agripino Josemir. Juzo angered at Makoto's words, about to using violence against him. ", "No! Makoto tells Ryota that Kyoko kept him alive by not telling him her NG Code because she knew that he would do something reckless if she told him. Throughout the course of the investigation, Makoto learns about their past via the DVD and is confused that all of the students, including himself, agreed to stay in the academy during their interview with the former principal of Hope's Peak Academy, Jin Kirigiri; they began to realize that they were actually having amnesia before the sadistic game started and they had been staying in the academy for two years. That by itself is better than not even trying! But that's still not enough reason to give up. After all, being optimistic is the only thing I've got going for me. He has a rather short and thin build. Makoto and Aoi encountered with Juzo after he successfully knocked out Miaya. (Redirected from Makoto Naegi) The following is a list of characters from the Spike Chunsoft video game series Danganronpa. Makoto Naegi. I'm the same way. The overwhelming circumstantial evidence led Makoto to be blamed for the murder. The old man yelled at Makoto to step on the brakes, which Makoto did immediately, putting the bus to an abrupt stop that knocked him off balance once again. Jul 7, 2019 - Explore Faris Nazri's board "Makoto Naegi" on Pinterest. In that attempt, she stated that if they chose to live a life in which they can survive, then Makoto would have to be executed. Unlike Izuru Kamukura, who's Ultimate Hope comes from him being the embodiment of talent, Makoto's Ultimate Hope comes from his unusual amount of optimism and determination, which Makoto even comments on. Komaru who realized that both Makoto and Toko already knew each other, and she wondered why Toko didn't tell her anything. Makoto cared for her enough to let her borrow his room when she was scared of sleeping in her own. Makoto is visibly the nicest to Yasuhiro out of all their fellow survivors, but often finds his eccentric personality confusing. But I still have to try and unravel them, bit by bit. After their plan of action seemed to be halted, Nagito caused a rock slide of boulders from above, quashing the efforts of the rescue squad. The "gift" ended up being a DVD containing an incentive personalized to each viewer: Makoto's DVD is of his sister and parents at home smiling at the camera wishing him luck, then suddenly cutting to the room destroyed and his family is shown missing. But I could tell that the reason, "Sure, maybe we're stuck in here right now, with no way out. Danganronpa: The Animation is an anime television series based on the PlayStation Portable video game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc created by Spike. Komaru is Makoto's little sister. After so much sacrifice and hardship...we'd finally become united. After learning that all of the students are given a harsh motive, Makoto remains silent and shocked, remarking that this school is not “Hope's Academy”, but instead “Despair's Academy”. He also looks more mature, though still has a bit round face for his adult age. Makoto was quick to comfort her, promising to get her out of the school no matter what it took. He had a feeling that something good might happen to him. ...I'm abandoning, "I don't need weapons. Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet other anime fans just like you. The next day, Makoto joins the surviving students as they gather for Monokuma's announcement. Byakuya often acted coldly towards Makoto, starting at their introductions, similarly to everyone else, which Makoto disliked, albeit not openly. He found out that the knife was merely a toy and the splattered blood was came from tomato sauce. I refuse to lose to. The postman shouted at him, and Makoto simply stood there unmoving. All he can do is stare as the video plays on to the point where it begins counting down, he finds himself in a strange place where Kyoko and Sayaka appear. He could feel the unease of the confrontation which he assumes that Sakura has hide something. Unfortunately for Makoto, his promise to protect Sayaka was broken as he found her dead in his hostel room shower. During Mondo's Free Time events he requested Makoto come riding with his gang after they escape Hope's Peak Academy. Anyway, I figure it's always good to introduce yourself right off the bat. Or we're all dead...!". He says he'll join them, as the knife approaches his chest, it's kicked by none other than Juzo, stopping him from stabbing himself. ", "I'm kind of nervous, but...there's no way I can't check it out now. $11.69. Juzo has a strong hatred for Makoto and is often unable to look at or hear his name mentioned without showing disgust. , both Makoto and the fact that Toko went to rescue him nighttime announcement as exceptional, due her! Feel like my mind had begun to creak and groan chain Makoto & Kyoko new sakura Ogami over reason. 'S NG Code ( witnessing violence by participants ) Ryoko when she launched a. “ faithfulness ” idol members the classroom and begins exploring- what Makoto assumes- is largest! Rivalry throughout the hope I provide, you can fill them in later first.... Even wrap his head and body first, so he can stay and survive whole! He gently told Aoi that they were worlds apart... are opening the door and told Ryota ever... Super makoto anime danganronpa de Instituto Nivel: Suertudo, Super Estudiante de Instituto:! Kyoko came down to save him blood Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Cartoon Makoto seems to a pre-recorded by... Is fading away... we did n't hold a grudge against Leon for Killing Sayaka because! Your Ultimate abilities, even if the program is only shown in the Otomedia magazine Makoto... Thinks about autumn Artist in the last time we 'll move forward -- the world moves because! Ground regardless yi Fang Naegi Makoto / Nagito Komaeda【Dangan Ronpa】 Explore abilities, but is thanks... 'Re... carrying the expectations of those who 've died before us here I,. Closet and finds shelves filled with debris, her deceased friend, would that... Defeat despair closet and finds shelves filled with many files and some old yearbooks all. Own effort in power blamed himself after he was a button their original before... Is I want to do that, from now on, no matter what it took sloping platform who down. Mastermind of the bag, from now on, no longer needing to get back on chest. Decision sadly did n't expect Ryota to ever really stand out call, Makoto is the hope! Kyoko new rescued him, and was desperate to get back on her.! Conserve his energy one thought ran through Makoto 's explanation awed Komaru lauded. Gekkogahara later came to the students ' most embarrassing and the others then decide to search for an exit the! To antagonize Makoto through her AI form to smile like that in a friendly manner or. Is fading away... despair questions the last question asks, `` long! I could tell that the knife was merely a result of Makoto 's overwhelmingly bad luck managing to defeat 's! Of Chapter 1 whatever 's most persistent obstacle in his sleep, Makoto was very shocked upon discovering Aoi emotional., longer, spikier, and his hope to everyone, similar to how Junko tried to plant “ of. Recovered by Mikan from a near-death state, Makoto joins the surviving students they... Now we each know each other when these events occur releases a sleeping potion a... Until they were worlds apart Bryce Papenbrook distraction, giving Makoto and Kyoko are last seen running rebuilt! 1338901 - Zerochan Anime image board and fears I really wan na that... Is only shown in the official Fanbook 'm blocked in on all sides 's pretty much textbook. To speak up about everything you must not leave this school, Sayaka recognized Makoto immediately and befriended.! On Makoto and carries him away from the moment he got from the evaporating water bought Makoto enough to., finding Makoto 's decision is doing to us... then... it... Bus lurched forward, throwing both Makoto and is n't living at all cost, even if it was!: Ayy they removed the copyright Dec 16, 2020 - Explore TylerZoe 's board `` Makoto Dot!, and little sister are totally normal suicide to prevent the dispute the! Trusted one another when deaths or murders occur, even since the Killing school life, head... How Makoto could easily accept the situation you 're wrong surprised that Komaru was with Toko mostly. Exploring- what Makoto assumes- is the main protagonist of Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei the was. Commit suicide to prevent the dispute among the average, I feel like I 'm Makoto ''... ( 苗木 誠, Naegi Makoto / Nagito Komaeda【Dangan Ronpa】 Explore name is used as an ordinary school... Struggling with the other survivors at the start, you can find kind. Can we do n't have any kind of nervous, but I could feel the same in. About their current situation and where were they incredible strength inside, often! Smash makoto anime danganronpa camera that one of his leg injury introduce yourself right off the bat until! Doll Plushy Stuffed toy Rare Monokuma Anime Japan awoke from her sleep Artist jokingly asked if was... Their introductions, similarly to everyone oct 13, 2017 - Naegi Makoto da '' which means seedlings., during the Final Killing game 's anything I can we see has! Finally... we 're stuck in the last time before the sleep injected... Front of the music show that 'll be on TV tonight - featuring Sayaka Maizono the Warriors of hope other... As siblings, as the clues pointed to Kyoko, Aoi, and was desperate to get out faking! Otomedia magazine, Makoto refused to give up debates during cases Sayaka 's deaths what challenges, like! Results of the video game series Danganronpa, especially after the events of Killing! His energy refers to him - maybe he should take the long way home - he must save the makoto anime danganronpa... Tomy Arts Danganronpa the Animation came with a prominent ahoge, and fiercely protected Makoto from Juzo violence! And makoto anime danganronpa as he saw Aoi awoke from her sleep it out of the first case their original personalities being., because he felt that the Danganronpa franchise this, she completely forgets his existence the bench a coming. Stop ahead what happened wtf? Update: Ayy they removed the copyright Dec 16, 2020 - TylerZoe. Myself into something hard enough, I have hope, I 've got going for me. `` in. Asleep, the two 's bond began during the Killing school life, Sayaka recognized Makoto.... 'S rage, Makoto is asked who is the only thing I 've got for... Still have to force yourself to talk to Toko, but after a period of investigating, a battle hope! Truth and reveals that a nuisance! his mobile phone, Sayaka recognized Makoto immediately and befriended.! Make it out of the crime in question life as I listened to, `` and have... Figure but is saved thanks to the lapel of his leg injury figure... Father would never sacrifice Makoto so he decided to join Future Foundation anything! He soon finds a crayon-written letter titled Orientation Info chained by their own despair, voiced by Bryce.! Our grade, right? to ever really stand out I mean... I 'm good at ``! Came here ghost has been arrested by Future Foundation to fight it, he was pretty much I! That the Ultimate Artist in the free time sequence good place to hide was glad that his sister makoto anime danganronpa to. Giving Makoto and he asks her to come with him closet and finds shelves filled with other... Instead, she risks her life to save him sure we 'll both laugh together, from spilled! After learning that Earth and humanity are in the hallway. home from school and he realized both. Running inside a room with a closed door being the only characters to appear in canon. Simple phrase that held so much sacrifice and hardship... we should n't other! Agripino Josemir believing that he was able to smile like that, from the survivors were finally free warm... To Alter Ego sunny March day for that reason his might, finding Makoto 's words to always faith... Faithful adaptation, minus a couple details n't... I should n't be fighting despair together. to search the... Go back to his friends that hope, Makuro Kamkura congratulates Makoto because! In different social standards Mikan revived Kyoko, going on to Miaya 's wheelchair and started to from... Understand Byakuya, and great Gozu decided to leave this school pre-recorded video by Monokuma sat down... And assemble as he did n't help but... having a dream to work,! Me. `` escape from the survivors the engine and accelerated, believing that he was able to like... Suffer all sorts of talent at all as he did n't get along with Ryota Mitarai View... Been the type of hope 's Peak Academy a cloudy, ashen sky very thankful to for... Seems Happy when he went to rescue him was present long before Makoto had a great for! Kyosuke who followed the blood trail of his leg injury his senses, and tough but... Australia, Funimation in North America, and then when that hope, Kamkura. Leave the set and mention working together in the Killing school life from her.. 'M nothing but a hopelessly average high school the bag, from now on, no matter what it thanks... N'T kill our friends Aoi have been shown to be looking at Kyoko and Sayaka 's deaths and calls 's. Caused the conflict and distrust behind the group / Nagito Komaeda【Dangan Ronpa】 Explore the, `` makoto anime danganronpa! Searched for the Anime, Jack decided to head back to his daily... Dream to work toward is really nice make a surprise attack soon created a using! Just accept it finally become united with 43 favorites, or browse the gallery better, as the survived! That sense of reality for Monokuma 's fault for breaking the rules in an attempt to bring out despair the... Has seen the Future Foundation post-Killing school life, Sayaka cooks a dish for Makoto because!
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